ICI Dulux Weathershield Sun Reflect

Product code F907 Line
Usage ICI Dulux Weather shield Sun Reflect is a high quality 100% acrylic based emulsion paint for new and previously painted exterior masonry surfaces such as plaster and cement rendering. ICI Dulux Sun Reflect with its special formulation will keep exterior walls upto 5 degrees cooler. ICI Dulux Weather shield Sun Reflect (Acrylic Based) is alkali resistant, has excellent durability and colourfastness.
Pack Size 4L and 6L
Properties Keeps exterior walls upto 5 degrees cooler (may vary on selected shades)
Excellent durability and colourfastness
Practical Coverage The spreading capacity of this product will vary considerably according to the roughness and porosity of the surface. On smooth surface of average porosity 14-16m2 /liter /coat.
Application Brush       Roller      Spray     
Thinning For sealing new or bear surfaces thin with up to 3 parts of clean water to 4 parts of paint For normal use thinning should not exceed 2-3 parts of clean water to 4 parts of paint (Brush : 50-75% , Roller : 10-15%)
Surface Preparation Allow all new surfaces to dry out completely. Remove all loose or defective paint or powdery residues by thorough brushing or scraping. Using a stiff fiber brush. Treat any areas affected by mould, lichens, algae and moss with bleach. Make good minor defects with sand and cement mix for larger holes and cracks. Allow drying. Surface that remain powdery, friable or chalky after through preparation should be sealed with a coat of ICI Dulux Weathershield Primer Water-based Note: Do not apply ICI Dulux weather shield Sun Reflect (acrylic based) during wet weather.
Safety, Health And Environmental Information Keep out of reach of children. Keep container tightly closed and upright to prevent leakage when not in use. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. When applying paint it is advisable to wear eye protection. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water keeping eyelids apart. And seek medical advice. Removes splashes from skin, use soap and water or a recognized skin cleaner. Work only in areas of good ventilation. Inside always keep doors and windows fully open during application and drying. A suitable cartridge mask should be worn when rubbing down. Do not breathe vapor or sanding dust. If inhalation causes physical discomfort move to fresh air. If discomfort persists or any breathing difficulty occurs seek medical advice. Care must be taken when transporting paint. Protect from extremes of temperature. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not store by hanging on a hook. In the event of an accident contain and collect spillage using sand or earth. Do not empty into drains or watercourses. Harmful to aquatic organisms. May cause long adverse effects in the aquatic environment. Dispose off any paint waste in accordance with the appropriate environment quality regulations. Safety Data Sheet available for professional users on request. Contains no added lead or mercury. For further information or if you have any concerns about using this product, contact our customer contact centre (0800-Dulux). Any advice recommendations, information, assistance or service provided by ICI Paints in relation to goods manufactured or Marketed by it or their use or any applications is given in good faith without expressed or implied warranties.